Aquamator Type AQS and AQSE (DBP) = with pulsation

Polluted sand can be washed, cleaned and purified from specific and light pollution (e.g. wood, coal and so on) by an aquamator. In addition this process enables the separation of fine sand for the production of standard conforming sands.

The aquamator type AQSE has an additional dewatering facility which dewaters the sand for transportation.


Construction and mode of operation

The washing out process takes place in a separating and washing bed which was built by an endless rubber belt with lateral stability and with vulcanised corrugated edges on both siedes. The trough-shaped cross section can be modified by adjustable guiding pulleys. The polluted grain, added with water, is loaded over an adjustable inlet chute to the separating and washing bed against the running direction of the belt.


Classificatiion and separation in one machine

The classification is based on the selective effect of the sedimentation.

The coarse particles have a higher sink-velocity and settle down on the belt. Against the flow direction they were continuously separated out of the separating zone. The water which is released goes back to the lower washing bed. The material is discharged over the continuously variable speed drive with the scraper. The fine particles have a lower sink-velocity and are still dispersed in the liquid and runs against the running direction of the belt into the rubberised basin.

On the side of the product discharge the machine is pivoted. An electrical rapid height adjustment enables a variable modification due to different materials.  Depending on the adjusted flow velocity the dell time of the single particle can be influenced and the the cut-off point can be changed.

Concurrently the classification is overloaded by a heavy media separation, built by fine sand and sand content. The specifically lighter parts  are floating in the heavy liquid and are discharged with the water .


Additional facilities

The installation of a cutting-off paddle – in addition with the curved screen – eables a separation of fine sand from heavy liquid. For spezial applications water jet pipes can be mounted for sprinkling the inlet area and the washing bed.

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