Aquamator TYP AQK (DBP)= with pulsation

The aquamator type AQK is a machine for the effective and efficient washing out of specific and light pollution existing in mineral grain like sand, grit, gravel, construction rubbel and so on.

Construction and mode of operation

The washing out process takes place in a separating and washing bed which was built by an endless rubber belt with lateral stability and with vulcanised corrugated edges on both sides. The trough-shaped cross section can be modified by adjustable guiding pulleys. The belt runs against the upward slope and a rapper pulley located in the bottom part of the washing bed generates the pulsation there.

The polluted grain, added with water, is loaded over an adjustable inlet chute to the separating and washing bed against the running direction of the belt. Quench pipes are arranged under the inlet chute. They are separately longitudinally and vertically adjustable and implemented with flat and round-jet nozzles.

The density slicing is caused by the washing water (floating with the down-grade of the washing bed) and the friction force of the belt (operating opposite to the loaded material). This operation is supported by a forceful water-jet of the nozzles – recommended at least 3 bar.

Heavy and separated pollution is elliminated by the stream of the washing water. After the cleaned sand friction has been discharged over the elevated continuously variable speed drive, a static or dynamic redewatering is recommended. The wash water can be recycled after foreign material has been screened off.

Type of Construction TYP AQK

  • drive with variable speed geared motor or frequency-controlled
  • low drive speed, no noise development, small dynamic forces
  • scraper with water jet pipe
  • inlet chute, outlet chute and underflow with wear protection 
  • low wearout even with abrasive material
  • spezial design: 200 mm high corrugated edges
  • galvanised version

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